A new way to buy and sell a home at the same time with Reali Trade-In

August 27, 2019


If you’ve ever experienced selling and buying a new home at the same time you understand it’s almost impossible to get the timing just right. And it’s expensive. Paying for two mortgages, moving in with family, or paying for a short term rental all because you need the equity in your current home to buy a new one. 

Today, Reali is changing all of that with Reali Trade-In, a new program that makes it easier and more convenient for you to purchase a new home before your current home is sold.

So how does the program work? Let’s break it down.

Buy First. Sell Second.

First, we buy your new home with our cash and help you move in as soon as you’re ready. We’ll even carry the cost of your rent! Next, we’ll clean, prep, and stage your current home for sale (on our dime!). Once it sells, you’ll use those proceeds to buy your new home from us at the same price we purchased it for, regardless of market changes.

An alternative to iBuyer programs

Reali Trade-In is designed to eliminate the awkward, expensive, and stress-filled process that buying and selling a home at the same time puts on homeowners. But it’s also an alternative to newer iBuyer programs that net sellers – who often need the equity in the home to purchase a new home – 11% less on average than those who sell their home on the open market (source: MarketWatch).  We believe you should benefit the most from your real estate transaction, not paying your agent thousands in fees and commission. 

Proof it Works

Earlier this year we rolled out a pilot of the program and helped a Bay Area seller buy and sell at the same time.

“We love our new home in Lathrop and not having to find another place to live while we sold our current home in Belmont was a huge relief,” said Cynthia Boardman, a Reali Trade-In customer. “The process was stress-free, easy, and my home sold for top dollar.”

Seller’s original home in Belmont, California

Seller’s new home in Lathrop, California

While most ‘buy before you sell programs’ are only available in specific regions, Reali Trade-In is available to all customers in California who need to trade up or downsize their home.

Give our team a call to learn more, and find out if you
qualify for Reali Trade-In: a new way to buy and sell.