Announcing the Reali PricePredictor, your key to winning the home you want

September 18, 2018


Today we are announcing the launch of the Reali PricePredictor, a new AI-powered tool that predicts the probability of placing a winning offer on a home.


We believe the PricePredictor will help more buyers place successful offers because it offers up probabilities of winning a home at various offer prices and shows you what your offer should be to win that home.

Our global AI team designed the tool after hearing from dozens of home buyers in competitive markets who placed multiple offers without success. One of the biggest frustrations buyers face is determining the true selling price of a home. To address this problem, we designed an innovative tool that goes a step further than existing tools (that only estimate a home’s value) and predict its actual selling price.

So how does it work?

When you’re browsing for homes in the Reali app, just look for homes with the PricePreditor tag and click into the home and tap the circular PricePredictor icon. Once the tool is launched, slide the percent slider to see the estimated probability of what a home will sell for at various offer prices.

To learn more about the PricePredictor visit and download the Reali app for iOS or Android.

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