Thoughts on Bring Your Kids to Work Day 2020

April 23, 2020


April 23 is Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work Day. While it might seem like every day right now is all about taking your kids to work with you, this official day is an opportunity to remind us all how much work-life balance is more important now than ever.

Over the last few weeks, the Reali team has learned a lot about what it means to work from home with kids. (And we’re not just talking about Zoom interruptions.) Read on for insights, hacks, and tips to help us all get through this stressful time.

What’s the hardest part about #WFHWK?

“Constantly shifting gears to re-focus on work, kids, homework, housework.” 
– Alan L., Transaction Coordinator and Dad to Alex (12) and April (8)

“The heartbroken looks on my kids’ faces when they ask me to play with them and I tell them I have to work. They’re so excited to have me home all day, but they don’t get that it doesn’t mean that I can actually spend all that time with them.”
– Mattea K., Integrated Marketing Manager and Mom to Liam (8) and Oscar (4)

“Not knowing if the day is going to go as planned. Kids like structure, but they don’t always cooperate! So making my to-do list and not getting to everything on it is a challenge and something I have to balance. ” 
– Jennifer R., Marketing Communications Manager and Mom to Violet (3)

Do you have a parenting hack that you’d want to share with others?

“No devices from dinner to bedtime. We have a specific spot for our phones and iPads. None of them are allowed at the dinner table or after dinner. We try as much as possible to just spend time with each other and after dinner will play a board game, go on a bike ride or walk. Sometime if we’re all really tired, we’ll watch a movie, but it’s all together. It’s a nice end to the day.”
– Tyler, COO and Dad to Ella (11) and Addie (8)

“We play basketball on my breaks to tire her out.”
Matthew G., Chat Team and Dad to Maisyn (19 months) 

“I have no hacks. I also have no idea what I’m doing. I guess that’s my hack: don’t stress yourself out trying to be “good” at this. The fact that you even care enough to be stressed about it means that you’re probably doing a better than you think you are. Kids are resilient, and that one time (or two) when they ate a bowl of Gold Fish and a Go-Gurt for dinner probably won’t have any long-term adverse affects. Probably.”
– Mattea K., Marketing Program Manager and Mom to Liam (8) and Oscar (4)

When working with your team or setting priorities, what are you doing differently?

“To help people get on the same page, I put more effort into laying things out in written and schematic form.”
– Lyndon W., Head of Growth, Dad to Claire(10) and Jasper (7)

“There are certain times during the day where the kids get a little extra psycho than normal, like clockwork. I try not to schedule any meetings during those times.”
– Mattea

“ZOOM!!! We have Zoom syncs 3x per week as a full leadership team. Also, even for a quick conversation, I try to do a Zoom vs. a phone call. It’s really nice to see someone face to face.”
– Tyler

What is one surprising thing you’ve learned about yourself or your kids during the last few weeks?

“That my 5-year-old is more patient than expected.”
Gina L., Sales Manager, Mom to Jackson (5)

“Kids look forward to me getting off work every day and spending time with them.”
– Lyndon

“Hanging with my kid is WAY more fun than work is.”
– Ben L., IT Consultant, Dad to Emmett (5 months) 

Parents, we salute you and hope this time together is providing all moms, dads, and kids with many opportunities to learn from each other!

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