Meet Christian Coleman, Reali’s Chief Real Estate Officer

August 24, 2021


Honest. Transparent. Compassionate. That’s the very foundation of Reali — and what makes us different. Our team members are highly motivated to deliver exceptional customer experiences by empowering our customers throughout their home buying and selling journeys.

We are a fast growing real estate and fintech startup powered by people and technology, simplifying the home buying and selling experience. Our team of experts work with our customers to remove the complexities and deliver a unique solution, saving time and money.

This is especially true of Christian Coleman, Reali’s Chief Real Estate Officer. Christian brings more than 25 years of real estate leadership experience to our team. He leads our real estate team, challenging them to deliver exceptional customer experiences that lead to continued growth for our Reali customers.

The path to Reali

If you ask Christian, real estate was his destiny from the beginning. His mother was a real estate broker and his father was a real estate agent and land developer. He grew up watching his parents work and even helping them, putting up open house signs, passing out flyers in neighborhoods, and listening to them talk with clients on the phone in the evening.

“I was inspired at a young age, watching them help people and making an impact in other people’s lives. I knew I wanted to be a part of that journey and help guide people through homeownership. I jumped into the industry at the age of 24 and have never looked back!”

Reali’s business model was a perfect fit with Christian’s passion for serving clients.

“I have always been attracted to real estate companies that challenge the status quo and try to disrupt the industry to better serve the customer. While researching new real estate models, I discovered that Reali is trying to do just that,” Christian explains.

“It is aligned with my belief that we can do a better job by being more selective while hiring, training and coaching the agents to be true real estate professionals, offering an array of customized products and fees, and innovating through technology. This helps not only guide and educate the client throughout their journey but also brings together all additional, fragmented entities that take the home buying and selling process to the finish line.”

The current real estate market and what it means for sellers

According to CoreLogic, home prices in the United States increased year over year (June 2020 to June 2021) by 17.2%. Many of our customers wonder what this means for them, as sellers, in this market. Christian explains that this will depend on your unique circumstances and whether you need to sell or want to sell.

If you need to sell your home due to specific circumstances, such as a relocation or career move, it doesn’t matter what is going on in the current real estate market — you need to sell your home, and fast.

However, when the timing works in your favor, you can maximize the selling price. This seems to be the case for sellers currently, with a limited inventory driving up home prices and creating competition among buyers.

For those who simply want to sell their home and are trying to time the market just right, unfortunately, it’s impossible to know for certain when the market has reached its peak. The value of a home is based on what buyers are willing to pay — and this can change quickly. Due to the pandemic, there has been a reduction in the available inventory of homes.

As life gets back to normal, there should be an upswing in homeowners who want to sell — and inventories should rise accordingly. Increasing the number of homes for sale could soften the price a seller can bet for their home, creating a stabilization of the market and reducing the rate at which home values have been increasing.

Regardless of your circumstances, Reali is committed to helping you sell your home with solutions tailored to your individual needs.

Reali Trade-In

Reali is always looking for new and innovative ways to help meet our customers’ needs and solve their problems. One of the biggest challenges we are seeing right now among current homeowners is that they can’t move until their current home is sold. They need the equity from their existing home in order to purchase their new home, or they can’t afford to make multiple mortgage payments at once. Reali has developed a creative solution to remedy this: Reali Trade-In.

Through this program, Reali purchases the new home a buyer wants with an all-cash offer, allowing the buyer to move into their new home while Reali sells their existing home. Then, the client purchases the new home back from Reali once their old home sells.

“It’s an amazing opportunity for the client. They can essentially free up their equity, move into their new home right away, and beat out most other buyers because Reali is not financing the purchase or asking the seller to accept contingencies,” Christian explains. “It’s a true win-win.”

To learn more about buying or selling your home, or to find out how the average Reali Loans customer saves more than $20,000 over the life of their loan versus competitors, contact us today.

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