How Reali agent Lanette Lau Sukkar helped this couple turn up the music

August 5, 2021


Nick and Cori were Bay Area renters and, like many of us during the pandemic, started to realize their apartment left much to be desired. Having heard stories of the competitive and often-expensive California real estate landscape, they were cautious about starting their search.

Fast forward to an engagement, a wedding, quarantine, and a new dog … and they knew it was time to jump in and start the process of becoming homeowners.

“We didn’t know if we’d ever become homeowners. We thought we were going to rent forever and live that condo life.”

Reali Buyers Nick & Cory

Jumping in bright-eyed and bushy-tailed 

The first homeowners in their social circle — and with no one to bounce ideas off of — the process of buying a home was completely new to Nick and Cori. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, they started their home search with excitement — but that was short-lived.

They set out for an exciting day of touring homes, toured a home they liked, and then quickly learned they had just a few short hours to review the disclosures and decide if they wanted to make an offer.

Even though they were working with an agent, the red-hot Bay Area market and lack of preparation and understanding of the process left them overwhelmed and discouraged. This was not what they expected.

They decided to reset.

Changing up the game 

Recommended by friends, Nick and Cori were introduced to Reali agent, Lanette Lau Sukkar.

“We didn’t know what we were missing until we met with Reali. Lanette took the time to answer all of our questions and educate us on the entire process.”

Eather than walk Nick and Cori through the various steps in the home buying process in real-time as they happened, Lanette took the time to discuss what they were looking for in a home, their housing wants and needs, and the home buying process in advance.

This step allowed Nick and Cori to feel more educated in the process before setting out in their search. The kind of folks that like to have all the information they can gather, this really helped them feel more comfortable in the process.

“[We] felt held. We got the feeling from Lanette that she wasn’t just trying to get us to buy something. She took the time — anytime we had a question — and really helped us find a house that worked for us.”

Prior to working with Reali, Nick and Cori didn’t realize how easy the process could be. From Reali’s App to the unparalleled level of customer service they received from Lanette, they couldn’t have asked for a more streamlined experience.

On being homeowners 

Nick and Cori describe the moment they found out they were new homeowners as “excitement and fear all wrapped up in one.” They recall popping the champagne and then walking around in their new home for weeks realizing “we own that wall, we own that counter” with joy.

Perhaps the best aha moment?

Nick and Cori were playing music a little loud one night and one said to the other, “Maybe we should turn down the music, we don’t want to upset the landlord.” … Only to remember, they ARE the landlords now!

Turn up the music, guys! Congrats on your new home and thank YOU for choosing Reali to help walk you through one of the most exciting purchases of your life.

Turn up the volume with Reali 

Ready to start your home search? Turn up the volume and start exploring your market with help from a Reali expert.

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