How Technology Helps Reduce Mortgage Discrimination

July 8, 2021


Honest. Transparent. Compassionate. That’s the foundation of Reali. Every day, our team members are highly motivated to help borrowers access equitable credit they need to fuel their homeownership goals. Especially Jason van den Brand, Reali’s chief lending officer who leads the mortgage team to make home loans honest, fast, and completely online.

Before heading Reali Loans, Jason, a 15 year veteran of the mortgage industry, began his career at an intersection of entrepreneurship, mortgage, and real estate technologies. He always believed that American consumers should have the opportunity to use credit to build a better future for themselves and their loved ones. Yet, despite numerous laws designed to protect borrowers, he has seen predatory practices and credit discrimination prevent people from having access to these opportunities.

“At Reali Loans we want to empower our borrowers to understand their options. That information — it’s the power you need to make an informed decision, and it’s all right at your fingertips; it’s all on your phone.”

“You often are stuck with the only lenders you can find, and they can be bad actors,” said Jason van den Brand. “How do you get to a point where everyone gets a fair shake?”

Predatory lending, by and large, sets up borrowers for failure, deceptively targeting the most vulnerable such as those in underserved communities, low-wage earners, women who are heads of households, the elderly, and Americans with little to no formal education. These borrowers have historically been burdened with significantly higher rates and hidden fees.

Everyone deserves to be treated fairly when it comes to buying a home. Whether intentional or unintentional, unscrupulous practices that impose unfair and abusive loan terms on borrowers still run afoul. Jason van den Brand is committed to helping Reali make real estate and loans more transparent and equitable through offering digital tools that help throughout the entire homeownership journey — from purchasing to refinancing to selling and more.

“When you do this online, you’re judged only by the quality of your application, not the color of your skin, not by your race, or your age, or your sexual preference or gender identity,” he said. “That’s the real American dream.”

Picking the right mortgage lender can be the difference between optimizing your future financial success or being weighed down by expensive debt for years to come. That’s why Reali Loans makes it easy to get a quote for a home loan in just a few simple steps, empowering customers to compare interest rates and find the most attractive one. At the end of the day, Jason and the entire Reali team believe that we all deserve a mortgage that helps meet our homeownership goals, without sacrificing future financial stability.

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