Get Noticed with “Dear Seller”

February 6, 2018


When you’re making an offer in a competitive market like the Bay Area, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Many buyers don’t fully realize you’ll likely need to submit multiple offers before you end up with a successful offer. While there are things you can do to make sure your offer is competitive, sometimes all it takes is capturing a short video or writing a personalized letter to send to the seller to help bring your offer to life.

With a personal video, you have an opportunity to add some emotion to a process that’s traditionally very transactional. And, if you can use this step to connect with the seller, your offer may get more attention.

Capture Your Story in a Buyer Video

An exclusive benefit for Reali Buyers. We will create a video highlighting why you love a particular home, adding a personal touch to your offer. Sellers appreciate authentic video insights, and having such may push you to the top of the consideration list. Here are some key items to consider including:

If you’re not up for a video, you can always craft a handwritten letter to share with your offer. It’s still a great way to share your story and can put you one step closer to potentially scoring the home of your dreams.

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