How Reali Helped Steven and Shannon Overcome Homebuying Obstacles

September 7, 2021


Like many buyers in a competitive real estate environment, Steven and Shannon were growing frustrated with finding their new home. They had been searching for a home with another broker for six months with no luck — all while living in one bedroom in Shannon’s parents’ house with their son.

They were working with a broker who wasn’t local, because of an existing relationship. It was suggested they try working with a local agent, which is how they eventually found Reali — and their new house.

Overcoming obstacles

Steven and Shannon faced a number of obstacles when searching for their new home. They made multiple offers on homes they found, but none of them were accepted.

As anyone who has searched for a home recently will tell you, the current real estate market is incredibly competitive. To make matters worse, neither Steven and Shannon — nor their previous agent — could seem to figure out the magic combination when it came to submitting their offers, so they ended up losing out on house after house.

Feeling increasingly defeated and exhausted, Steven and Shannon were close to giving up. Finally, thanks to a good friend’s referral and suggestion, they gave Reali a try.

Their Reali agent connected with them quickly, and together they wasted no time starting to tour properties that matched their home search criteria. As Steven and Shannon will tell you, their agent was very attentive to their needs throughout their home search, reviewing disclosures, sharing market comps, and devising an offer strategy that they were comfortable with — and that would help them win.

Buying with Reali

At Reali, we offer home buying, simplified. The entire home buying process can be broken down into six easy steps:

Connect with your local agent. Download the Reali app and you’ll be connected with your team of local agents who will support you through your entire home buying journey.

Find the home that’s right for you. Use the Reali app to find homes that fit what you’re looking for. Have questions about a home? Our agents are available via in-app chat and by phone 7 days a week.

Schedule an on-demand visit. Use the Reali app to schedule home visits on-demand. Your dedicated local agent will meet you there.

Place an offer. Place your offer right from within the app. Your Reali Agent will review it with you to make sure it has the best chance of winning. Add even more appeal to your offer with the Reali Cash Offer.

Close! Negotiations are common — luckily, we’ve got a team of agents who are masters of the art. After you’ve won your home, your Reali agent will meet you at the home to give you the keys to your castle.

Get your Reali Rebate. Remember, we don’t work on commissions. At the close of escrow, we sign our commission over to you as a non-taxable cash rebate. You’ll have it in your bank account within 7-10 business days.

The end result

Once Steven and Shannon found a house that they loved, their Reali agent helped them act quickly. And the proactivity and expertise paid off — since they won on their first offer.

“It was such a surprise when Lanette shared the good news,” said Shannon. “And also the one percent rebate really helped. That isn’t something that we would’ve gotten with our previous agent.” The loan and escrow process went smoothly, as well, thanks to the help of their dedicated Reali agent and the ability to complete both in-house.

Since closing on their new home, their family has settled in nicely and they are all enjoying the extra space. “While we enjoyed the time spent with my parents and are grateful for their hospitality, it’s true what they say — there’s no place like home,” said Shannon.

“We are thankful for our Reali agent who knew just what to do to help us buy our home.”

The Reali difference

When asked about the Reali difference and why they would recommend working with Reali to their friends, Steven and Shannon agreed — the combination of multiple services under one roof and their agent made all of the difference. All of the Reali Agents are experts in the areas they serve. They’ll support you through the entire process, from search to negotiations, throughout the paperwork process and close.

Steven and Shannon both enjoyed the Reali Rebate, as well. “The one percent rebate was really nice. It’s a great selling point for Reali,” said Shannon. “I’ve already recommended Reali to friends and family.”

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been through the home buying ringer, Reali’s got your back. Ready to take the next steps in your home search? Learn more about home buying with Reali.

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