Meet the Reali Experts

June 18, 2018


If you’re buying or selling a home with Reali, there’s no doubt you’ve met one or more of our knowledgeable and friendly Reali Experts. The Reali Experts are at the center of everything we do at Reali. If you’re less familiar with what our team does, here’s a quick rundown.

Licensed professionals who are just a tap away, seven days a week

Reali is a different kind of real estate company that’s tech-driven and built entirely around buyers and sellers and generates huge cost savings. When you’re ready to buy or sell a home, you use the Reali app to place your offer, but it’s Reali Experts working behind the scenes who do all the heavy lifting to make the transaction run smoothly and efficiently. Every transaction is orchestrated seamlessly by in-house Reali Experts who are fully licensed and have years of real estate experience.

A team that’s on-demand, not demanding

Reali was started with the belief that the real estate industry needed to change to better serve its clients. That’s why our Reali Experts are available seven days a week, from 9 am to 8 pm, via the Reali app or by phone.

One reason Reali is such a unique model is each Reali Expert is an actual employee of Reali, not a contractor. When you work with Reali, you’re working with a team that truly has your best interest in mind. We use smart workflows and artificial intelligence to drive the decision-making process so you always have data to back your decisions. It’s a big leap forward in an industry that was built on relationships — with Reali, you get more from every interaction and transaction you have with our team.

Driven by people, not commission

We’ve sold hundreds of homes and have years of experience, and we’re just getting started. Our digital approach and efficient model has saved buyers and sellers millions of dollars in real estate commissions. We’re currently active in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, and San Diego — and we’re growing quickly! Stay tuned for exciting news and updates coming soon.

Have questions about the home buying or selling process or ready to get started? Chat with a Reali Expert today, available 7 days a week, 9 am-6 pm!

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