Reali Buyer Story: Meet Jason

May 2, 2019


Last year, Reali launched the Reali for Good military program – a program that offers unique benefits to active duty military personnel and veterans. Benefits of the program include a cash rebate to cover the VA funding and escrow fees. For active duty customers, if you buy a home with Reali and then receive relocation orders within 3 years of that purchase, Reali will re-sell that home for them for free. For every home bought or sold through the Reali for Good program, Reali also makes a donation to Homes for Our Troops.

Today, we’re spotlighting United States Navy Lieutenant Commander Jason Schechter, a Reali for Good Buyer located in San Diego, CA. After recently selling his home in Florida, Jason was ready to make his next move with Reali.

“I move around a lot in the Navy. I’ve never been anywhere for more than two years,” said Jason. “I was ready to buy again, and then I came across Reali. It seemed like a great deal, so I gave them a try.”

“They really were there for me the whole way. I didn’t expect that when I first started with Reali. I expected that you’re going to pay a lower fee and probably get a little less service, but it was completely the opposite.”

Thank you, Jason, and congratulations on your new home!

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