Reali Cash Offer Buyers: Meet Audra & David

July 22, 2020


First-time home buyers Audra – a nurse and graduate student – and tech guy David were looking for a home in Sacramento. However, when the perfect house came on the market, it received multiple offers.

A new study shows that a cash offer can improve a competitive offer’s chance of success by 206%. Thanks to Reali Cash Offer, Audra and David won the home for $12,000 under the list price. Bonus: it closed in 14 days! 

If you can waive some of the uncertainty for the seller, the transaction is stronger,” says Reali Loans CEO Jason van den Brand. “We are trying to create a stress-free transaction for the buyer, seller, and agent with Reali Cash Offer.”

“Coming in with that cash offer saved us money because we were able to offer under asking price,” said Audra. “I really think that is a great benefit of the cash program – being able to negotiate down. We are so grateful for Reali.”

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