Reali Hits the I-80 Corridor — Now Serving Sacramento and Solano Counties

August 10, 2017


Reali’s market expansion continues, as we work to bring new ways of thinking to the real estate industry. Having already extended our coverage to all of the Bay Area, we now move to the hot markets of Sacramento and Solano Counties. Both of these counties are known for their affordability and proximity to multiple business and pleasure destinations. The relative wide open spaces, expanding job opportunities and commutability of both counties have also driven an increase in new home construction over the past decade. This provides great opportunities for home buyers and sellers.

Here are just a few reasons to love this region of Northern California:


So, if you’re looking buy or sell a home in a more affordable and accessible region smack in the middle of limitless natural, historic, entertainment, business and getaway options, consider Sacramento and Solano counties. And, if you’ve had it dated real estate practices, let Reali introduce you to a whole new experience.

More Markets + More Benefits + Less Stress = Real Estate Done Right


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