Reali Just Says NO to Commissions…And Says YES to Seller Rewards

August 3, 2017


A funny thing happens when people try to sell a home: They work hard to get their property in tip-top shape. They pay for cleaning, pest inspections and maybe a few upgrades. They can then pay handsomely for staging, photography, landscaping and other cosmetics to help the property shine. If the seller is working with a real estate agent, they may receive some additional marketing support, like a handy-dandy flyer, a basic web page and an open house or two…swell! The seller’s agent then works with prospective buyers’ agents to close the sale. In thanks for their work during what is usually a short amount of time, the agents are awarded a combined 5%-6% of the final selling price. This comes directly out of the seller’s profit. On a million dollar home sale with a 6% total commission, that’s $60,000. Stripped from the seller’s rewards. On second thought, it’s not funny at all.

Reali has decided to change all of this by becoming the first full brokerage real estate service to charge a flat seller fee instead of traditional seller’s agent commission. A flat fee of $4,950 is paid by the seller to Reali at close of sale, regardless of the final selling price of the home. So, on the million dollar home mentioned above, that would be over $25,000 in savings. Sellers are still responsible for paying a 2.5% buyer’s agent commission. However, if Reali represents the buyer as well, that commission goes directly to the buyer as a cash back benefit. Why are we doing this, you ask? Simple: We believe that consumers should reap the most from one of the biggest life decisions they will ever make.

In addition to the industry-shaking flat seller fee, Reali provides sellers with the right tools and services to help them sell their home quicker than ever. This includes a robust marketing package with customized digital campaigns, website, photography, video, 3D floor plans and SmartStaging, which features many high-tech touches. The Reali app and hands-on experts also help buyers search for homes, schedule an on-demand open house and make an offer. And, as they say on TV, that’s not all…Reali sellers also receive detailed analytics to track buyer interest, offers and more. And, if we don’t receive a qualified offer within 60-days of listing, we’ll waive the $4,950 flat seller fee altogether. Boom.

The Reali app is available on iOS and Android platforms. We currently serve all real estate markets around the SF Bay Area, including the cities of San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose.

Flat $4,950 seller fee, no seller’s agent commission, modern technology, exceptional marketing, hands-on service, and a 60-day guarantee…now that puts the fun back in selling a home. Reali.

Flat Seller Fee + Listing Guarantee — Fat Commissions = Home Selling Done Right