Reali nice to meet you

October 19, 2016


Amit Haller and Ami Avrahami, Reali Founders


Imagine a fully-transparent process for buying or selling a home. A process where you always know what’s coming, what to expect and who to expect it from. And, imagine if such a process resulted in an easier transaction that actually saved you money — that’s right, saved you money — when buying or selling a home. These are the ruminations that drove the creation of Reali. As people who have bought, sold, rented, developed and invested in a multitude of homes and properties over the years, we saw how the real estate process worked (and didn’t work), dissected it piece by piece and developed a better way.

Reali was founded with a mission to create a seamless, transparent and game-changing real estate experience. In doing so, we looked carefully at the current agent-driven model and the ways in which people actually buy and sell homes… and we saw some pretty big disconnects. Today’s buyers are busier, more sophisticated and more mobile than ever before. They know what they’re looking for and want to work on their own schedules and terms without any pressure imposed by someone else. Similarly, today’s sellers want to get the absolute most out of their investments and are looking for better ways to present and market their homes to qualified audiences. Traditional marketing and pricing methods, along with super high commissions, just don’t cut it anymore.

Reali is a new real estate marketplace that matches buyers and sellers at a fair price by empowering them with modern tools and leveraging their mobile lifestyles in new and inspiring ways. In short, we’ve reinvented the entire real estate model from curiosity to close. Reali users benefit from a comprehensive set of app-enabled features, from search and analysis to transparent in-app bidding and live chat with our highly-skilled Reali Experts. Reali further benefits buyers and sellers with features aimed at presenting homes in the best possible ways. Traditional weekend open houses and simple marketing materials aren’t enough. Reali advantages include On-Demand Open Houses with keyless app-enabled access, Bluetooth beacons, exhaustive market analysis and highly relevant data points that identify everything about how buyers find and purchase homes.

We also looked at the traditional agent commission structure and created a lower total commission model that significantly rewards both buyers and sellers. Our 4% total commission model not only adds up to major savings for sellers, it also delivers a full refund of the traditional buyer’s agent commission (typically 2.5%) back to the buyer. This can result in savings of tens of thousands of dollars in certain markets. By utilizing such a model, we eliminate the conflict of interest and mystery that can often cloud a transaction and ensure that both buyers and sellers are fully-informed and happy. We invite you to check out to see how we’ve re-imagined and re-invented the real estate process in ways that are really different… or, we should say, Reali different.

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

~ Amit Haller and Ami Avrahami, Reali Founders