Reali Roundup: Can Smart Home Tech Increase Resale Value? 💸

July 15, 2021


It’s no secret millennials love two things: technology, and environmental sustainability. So, it only seems logical that they would look for homes equipped with smart devices that help them save energy and provide more convenience.

With 81% of consumers more likely to purchase a home with smart technology, it may be a good idea for some sellers to consider these popular smart features to help increase the demand for their homes.

  • Home Security System
  • Smart Switches & Outlets
  • Video Doorbells
  • Smart Locks
  • Video Surveillance
  • Smart Speakers
  • Smart Thermostat

Which smart home features should you add to your home?

Buyers continue to prioritize safety with high-tech security systems ranking first on their list. If you explore smartening up your home, do your research and speak with your local real estate agent to understand your market. When done right, it may help bring that “it” factor and boost your home’s resale value.

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