Reali Roundup: The Equity-Rich California Housing Sitch 😎

February 12, 2021


Hello and Happy Valentine’s Day! Coming off a year when most days felt like a rerun, getting excited about the holidays can spark some much needed joy. More on that below.  Also, we have encouraging news for existing homeowners, and the latest developments in the push for more Bay Area housing. And away we go!

Health-Conscious CA More Fit Financially, Too

What’s this all about?

CA homeowners are looking pretty fit, equity-wise. Attom Data’s fourth-quarter reporting shows California’s portion of equity-rich homes (meaning the amount the homeowner owes in loans is less than 50% of the home’s market value) rose from 39.7% in the third quarter of 2020 to 46.1%. That’s big news.

What it means

Though holding tight through the pandemic proved fruitful for many California homeowners, they may miss the bigger money boat if they wait too long. With prices, demand, and financials all aligned in homeowners’ favor, the conditions could hardly be more favorable for making a move sooner rather than later. Meanwhile, buyers should ready themselves.

(Side note, if you can think of any words that rhyme with “equity,” please let us know. All we could think of is “Schenectady.”)

YIMBY Action Demands…More Action

What’s this all about?

YIMBY Action, a CA housing advocacy group, filed suit in Alameda County alleging the state deeply underestimated the Bay Area’s projected housing needs for the next decade by as much as 138,000, setting us up for another decade of too few homes.


By law, California’s Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) prepares an estimate of regional housing needs. A huge task, no doubt, but the lawsuit alleges the HCD failed to consider “the relationship between jobs and housing, including any imbalance.”

What it means

Just last year, the HCD made significant increases to its original estimate in response to feedback and criticism. But YIMBY Action argues it’s still not enough. “People wouldn’t have to commute from Modesto to San Francisco just to have affordable housing. Greenhouse gas emissions would be significantly reduced. Californians would have more opportunities for jobs and more time to spend with their families,” said YIMBY Action counsel Ryan J. Patterson.


As with all things, skepticism abounds. But we know first-hand that California needs more housing, and we support well-intentioned efforts to get more people into more homes. In fact, it’s our mission.

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