Reali Seller Story: Meet Rick

May 10, 2018


After 18 years in Sacramento, Rick Voss was looking to sell his home and move out of state to send his teenage daughter — the only one still living at home — to a private school in Reno, Nevada.

“I heard about Reali on the radio, KFBK in Sacramento. The concept sounded great, and the price got my attention right off the top, so I called them up,” shared Rick.

“Roger answered the phone and explained to me what Reali was all about … and everything he said impressed me,” he said. “We were looking for a real estate company that would help us get the most out of this home that we could. Right then I decided I was going to go with them.”

And we’re so glad he did!

Watch the video to see how the entire Reali Team worked together to help Rick sell his home in Sacramento.

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