Reali’s Chief Revenue Officer: Why I Joined Reali

December 10, 2018


It’s not often that you find a company with a strong mission and vision with a dedicated team behind it. I’ve been fortunate to find it — twice. After seven years in strategic go-to-market and leadership roles at LinkedIn, I’m excited to announce that I’ve joined Reali as Chief Revenue Officer.

Reali is a cutting-edge real estate technology brokerage in the heart of the Bay Area that focuses on the real estate transaction. Our mission is to save home buyers and sellers thousands of dollars on commissions with our low fee while providing superior service to our customer. It’s a model that’s evolved just as the primary value of traditional agents has been upended with home search now available to everyone. In this new paradigm, where buyers are doing most of the work themselves to find their home, paying a full commission to an agent to lead the transaction doesn’t make sense.

We have a clear vision for Reali: let’s elevate the level of service with technology and consistent quality for buyers and sellers across the United States. When you’re working hard to make a living and support a family and homeownership is so expensive, you should get more value and service for your money. We have an opportunity to upgrade the entire real estate transaction with technology, so you don’t have to pay a premium when you’re buying or selling a home, securing a mortgage, or closing escrow.

At Reali, we also have an amazing team of licensed real estate agents backed by an extended team of engineers, product, marketing, and operations professionals that help support home buyers and seller through the entire process. Not only are these people great at what they do, they are also great humans. In just a few short weeks I’ve already seen how the team treats each other not just as coworkers or customers, but as family. Reali employees are passionate and have created an environment where people thrive and are able to learn and grow faster than they ever have before. I’m proud to now be part of this team.

In just two years, Reali has quickly expanded its service to the entire state of California with its exceptional service and commission-free model. But I believe we are capable of doing more to fix a fragmented market and serve our customers better. Together, we can build a great real estate company and platform as we treat our customers with the utmost dignity and respect. I am thrilled to join Amit and his team in meeting this challenge.

–Tyler Baldwin, Reali CRO