Selling a Home with Reali: The Whole Package

December 28, 2016



Selling a Home with Reali: The Whole Package

Guilty pleasure fact: we love cookies…especially this time of year. Frosted, with nuts, without nuts, chocolate chips, sprinkles…bring ’em on! All that said (and eaten), we loathe the notorious cookie cutter approach that many real estate firms employ when selling homes. One size does not fit all, especially in real estate. Thus, the Reali Seller Package was born.

When you list a home with Reali, you are treated to a full service, hands on relationship, aimed at positioning your home for the quickest and most profitable sale. It all starts with your team of Reali Experts. We bring over a hundred years’ of combined experience to every partnership, ensuring that you always have a friendly source of information, when and where you need it. You receive a dedicated project manager, along with an extended team who fans out on a variety of tasks related to your sale. The Reali team can be accessed in person, via phone, email or app chat seven-days-a-week, from 8am-8pm.

We begin our personalized listing process by meeting with you, visiting your property and learning everything we can about what you’re hoping to achieve. We then do extensive homework on your property, neighborhood and the market in general to set the best possible selling price. Next, we schedule, and pay for, important pre-sale home inspections, including property, pest, roof, chimney, pool, spa, etc., as applicable. This helps to ensure full transparency throughout all stages of the transaction. We then make recommendations for staging and landscaping, and send in our professional photography team to capture interior and exterior images. At that point, we set our marketing wheels in motion to bring the right people to your property.

Reali’s robust marketing package is positioned to benefit both buyers and sellers. We provide buyers with detailed property information through the Reali app, which allows them to quickly and easily find homes that fit their needs and budget. Our expansive marketing reach then goes beyond the app and MLS listings to include an active presence in print, digital and social media.

We also allow buyers to visit Reali-listed homes on-demand, making it easier than ever to fit a home search into their busy schedules. Last week, we talked about our “Smart Staging” package. This is an exclusive benefit to sellers listing with Reali, and makes the On-Demand Open House experience truly spectacular. From the moment a potential buyer arrives at your home, they are met with innovative signage, technology and interaction to make their visit as impressive and informative as possible. This also provides crucial data points about what people love, and don’t love, about your property. All of this comes as a result of the relationship we have with you, the seller, in effort to meet your needs first.

And, if all of these benefits weren’t enough, we’ve saved the best for last: Reali works on a 4% total commission fee structure. The traditional real estate commission structure is 5–6%, which affects the seller’s overall profit margin. We choose to take a lower commission, ensuring that sellers capitalize on the investment they’ve worked so hard to earn. So when you’re ready to sell a home, contact Reali for a truly different approach. We’ll even treat you to a plate of cookies…without the cutters. Reali.