Supporting Homeownership: What’s Next for the Reali App (Part 3 of 3)

January 22, 2020


Over the last few days, we’ve shared some of our conversation with Reali’s Head of Product Stacy Hoover and our Engineering as they looked back on what it took to launch our updated app and took a look at Reali’s tech journey. Our seller tools are just the technical “tip of the iceberg” (also called the MVP, or minimal viable product) for homeowners. Today, we’re looking toward the horizon at what’s still to come for sellers, the app and Reali.

Some would say that real estate is a more traditional, less tech-savvy industry. How is the work you’re doing at Reali helping to disrupt that and move the industry forward?

Stacy: Tech had already started disrupting real estate for buyers and sellers about 10 years ago, at the start of their journey in discovery. Platforms like Redfin, Zillow and Trulia brought the MLS listings into people’s homes. Tech tools like DocuSign already existed for agents too, and our goal is to bring that freedom and support to home buyers and sellers. We’re bringing tech further into the journey for our customers and passing on the savings to them, while keeping the human touch.

Now that the seller tools are launched, we’re done, right? Job well done?

Stacy: Reali’s long-term vision is to support homeownership. As we were redesigning our app, our ultimate goal wasn’t just to get home buyers and sellers to close. We want to help people with everything in between discovery and close with products like Reali Trade-In or, Reali Loans.

For sellers specifically, we’re going to continue to build out the technology and tools and take them to the desktop experience too. For the app, we’ll add supporting features like listing preview, seller analytics, offer management and counteroffers.

We’ll make it easy for users to switch between the buyer and seller journey because people are often homebuyers and home sellers. We’re also working on streamlining the journey even further.

What will that streamlined journey look like for sellers?

Stacy: Time to market after signing is the most important piece to a seller. When people decide to sell their home, they want to sell as soon as possible. Right now our time to market is two weeks, versus the industry average of four. We’re working on refining the home prep process so that we can reduce the time to market even more.

How about for homebuyers?

Stacy: For home buyers, we are working on improving the home feed, wishlist capabilities, adding the ability to add a co-buyer and collaborative discovery. The improvements will allow Buyers to work with their co-buyer through the app to create wishlists, schedule appointments and chat with Experts. Looking further ahead, we are going to streamline the escrow process by integrating more fully with Reali Escrow.

Thanks to Stacy and the entire Product and Engineering teams for their great work on our new seller tools. We can’t wait to see what comes next!

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