Reali Roundup: CA Sellers on Cruise Control, Buyers Take Shortcuts

February 27, 2021


Another Saturday has arrived, California! As we ease into spring (21 days to go!), there’s fresh housing market data you need to check out, especially if you’re thinking even a little bit about selling your house. On the buyer side, we’re looking into encouraging rumblings out of Berkeley about finally ending single-family zoning. Onward!

TX Could Use Some of This CA Market Heat

The California Association of Realtors (CAR) just released their latest figures and guess what? California’s real estate market is a beast, folks. With traditionally-slower January’s median home prices posting the biggest gains in seven years, a 12-day on-the-market average, and 53% fewer listings than this time last year, the CA housing market can pretty much melt lead with its gaze at this point. So, if you’ve ever had even the faintest urge to sell, this iron ain’t getting much hotter.

“The market outlook is stronger than previously projected as buyer demand continues to outstrip supply, but we do expect the current robust market growth to decelerate later this year,” CAR chief economist Jordan Levine said. The takeaway: we’re witnessing a once-in-a-generation opportunity for sellers, akin to bitcoin’s explosion onto the currency scene. These market conditions are unlikely to return soon (17 years is kind of a long time, after all), so let’s get the party started.

Buyers, the Calvary is Coming

If you’re in the market for a new home, you’re probably frustrated. We hear you. Real estate is broken and we’re here to fix it. How? For starters, our clients can place cash offer on house, which produces higher acceptance rates and helps you save money. Meantime, here’s some more encouraging news on the buyer-front:

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Getting the Most Out of Your Mortgage

Driven by low interest rates, Reali Loans and loans-related content on has seen a surge in traffic. So in our continuing efforts to give the people what they want, we’re adding a new section dedicated to lending. Stay tuned for expanded coverage as we optimize this feature.

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That’s all for now, friends! No holidays this week, now go out there and enjoy your Saturday!