Reali Roundup: California Leads the Nation (Again)

March 20, 2021


Welcome to Friday! Before you all go Full Potato this weekend watching all 57 hours of the #snydercut, we’ve got some interesting developments regarding the boom in California home equity and cash-out refis you’ll definitely want to read first. How do we know? We’re Batman. Batmen. Bat People. Read on!

The Equity Boom Thunders On

CA homeowners saw their equity rise higher than anywhere else in the country during Q4 of 2020, averaging an additional $55K in accumulated wealth. First-time buyers have taken notice, and are looking for a seat at that table.

As the pandemic subsides, don’t be too surprised if hunkered-down homeowners decide to cash in themselves and pursue the bigger-and-better dream homes they’ve postponed on Covid’s account. With peak selling season on the horizon (first weeks of May), now is the time to get that ball rolling.

Average Increase in Home Equity, YOY


Millennials Keep Their Homebuying Hot Streak Alive

Though long considered to be, well, sort of eternally-on-the-cusp-of-adulthood, the truth is Millennials have been getting a bad rap: for the 8th straight year, they comprise the largest percentage of homebuyers in the nation. 82% of Millennials aged 22 to 30, and 48% of the group’s older members were first-time homebuyers, which is also the largest share of all age groups.

So, good job, and thank you, gang! You’ve really come into your own, despite having everything and the kitchen sink thrown at you over the past few decades. And for those of you thinking that perhaps homeownership was a thing of the past, wrong! Let’s get you in the game.


Featured Homes

a photo of reali dublin home for sale

Dublin 2 Bed, 3 Bath

Cleverly designed gem with more space than you’d think possible.
a photo of reali loma linda home for sale

Loma Linda 4 Bed, 4 Bath

Super adorable and just waiting for the right family to amplify the cuteness.
a photo of reali milpitas home for sale

Milpitas 2 Bed, 3 Bath

Perfectly located, move-in ready corner home with personality, and personality goes a long way.
a photo of reali falling star home for sale

Martinez 4 Bed, 3 Bath

Charming, tech-forward green home with sprawling interiors and just enough outdoor space for a slip n’ slide.

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And that’s the roundup! Stay safe out there kids, and enjoy the weekend!