Reali Roundup: California Home Market Springs to Life for Summer

May 18, 2021


Welcome back, friends. Much has happened since we last spoke — UFOs are (probably) real, mask restrictions are (kinda) loosening up, and California’s housing market gridlock is easing (a bit) as the number of listings and homes sold all trend upward. This week, we’re previewing homes for sale across the state, plus offering up guidance both for buyers determined to find a home and sellers ready to cash in on all that equity.

Buying in a Seller’s Market

Though listings are rising again, it’s still a seller’s market out there. So as a buyer, how do you land a home you love before someone else swoops in? We’ve got a blog post dedicated to just that, but here’s the TL;DR version:

  • Use a Larger Earnest Money Deposit: Money talks, and more of it communicates you’re serious about closing and financially stable enough to see it through.
  • Pay Cash: Sellers accept cash offers 7x more often than traditional, mortgage-backed offers. Like the rich uncle you never had, Reali Cash Offer gives you that edge.

Selling for Top Dollar in ’21

The best time to sell your home is largely during the spring or summertime, with June being the sweet spot to aim for. Scope out this blog post to fully learn why and how it affects prices and time on the market, but here are the key takeaways:

  • Sell in the Summer: There are several reasons to aim for a warm-weather listing: higher selling prices, faster sales, and for parents, moving before school starts.
  • Always Be Preparing: Even if your home is already in good condition, give yourself time to do the little things that will drive up the price, like painting the walls a neutral color and sprucing up the landscaping.

You can still fetch a handsome price selling outside this summer’s rush, but if you plan to sell in winter, tend to the exterior now — taking photos when the greenery looks its best means one less thing to worry about later.

Featured Homes

Foster City 4 bed, 2 bath

Melding indoor, outdoor, sunshine, and water, this home is so California it’ll give you driving directions.

La Quinta 3 bed, 2 bath

A total charmer with spectacular Rosa Mountain views.
Loma Linda 4 bed, 3 bath 
Wholesome and capacious park-facing home. A perfect fit for any growing family.
Sacramento 3 bed, 1 bath 
Turnkey Craftsman gem with a modern heart and room for the whole gang.

Riverside 4 bed, 2 bath 

Gorgeously upgraded home with the perfect blend of sky, space, and light to come home to.

Pasadena 2 bed, 2 bath 

Modern, chic attitude amid unparalleled natural beauty. Condominium? More like condo-maximum.

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That’s all for now, friends! Stay cool out there. 😎