Weekly Roundup – September 9

September 11, 2020


Well, friends, the apocalypse has returned. We hope you and yours are safe, and your air is filtered.

Aside from Mother Nature, this week we’re tracking the summer’s continuously competitive home sales figs-, what they mean for the future, plus the rise of “zoom towns” across California.

Homes sales strong, but for how long?

What’s this all about?

Despite the recession, California homes continue to sell at a brisk pace thanks to rock-bottom interest rates and the lowest inventory…ever?  46% of homes for sale nationwide were listed for less than two weeks before going under contract during July 2020. The big question: when inventory starts to rise again, will demand rise with it? The answer may lie in the job market.

What it means

Homebuyers need access to savings and healthy credit scores, but most importantly, quality and reliable sources of income. California lost over 2.7 million jobs from the December 2019 peak until bottoming in April 2020. Bottom line? This W-shaped (aka “dead cat,” which we don’t like) recession will continue until national conditions stabilize, but we can do a lot to help!

Zoom Towns and the new housing market

What’s this all about? 

Between the city and the sticks lies a sweet spot Californians are beginning to consider: the so-called Zoom Town. They’re small cities and towns (Truckee, anyone?) that afford natural beauty and space while boasting reasonable prices and access to all the conveniences (high-speed internet!) we’re not quite ready to give up.

What it means 
One man’s Zoom town is another man’s ghost town — as families move out of the city, opportunities arise for those who’ve dreamt of living in, say, downtown LA or SF, but either couldn’t find a suitable place or couldn’t afford it.

On the lighter side…

Turns out, California is even nuttier than we thought.

Why have only one state food when you could have four? Hell, why not make them all nuts? This recipe combines them all.

Thank goodness, the redwoods
are going to be just fine.

Recent reports of wildfires in Big Basin may have overstated the damage to our beloved redwoods. Let’s hope.

Let’s ditch suburbia and
hit the sticks (in style)

For those craving escape without sacrificing comfort (or taste), this modern design is just the thing to cure your cabin fever.


Thanks again for reading. Stay safe and pray for rain.



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