Why I left Redfin to Join Reali

December 4, 2019


By Mel Anic, Reali Agent in Orange County, California 

In September, I decided to leave Redfin after 3 years to join Reali, as a lead agent in Orange County. If you aren’t familiar, Reali is a new startup in the real estate tech sector that is simplifying the home buying and selling experience. They combine the best real estate agents with technology to provide a full-service real estate experience without commissions, making buying and selling simple, stress-free, and affordable.

As someone who got into the real estate industry from sales, where I ran a team of 24, I wanted a challenge and the opportunity to help build a customer-first company. 

Homebuyers get one of the most significant rebates in the industry, and sellers can list a home for 1%. 

Leave Redfin for an early-stage real estate startup? That’s crazy. 

In many ways, Redfin was a good company to work for. They are an established Seattle-based company, founded in 2004 with nationwide real estate offerings. I first joined their team in 2016 as a lead agent in both Orange County and the Inland Empire, where I was a top agent with a sales volume of $75 million. I spent the last year and a half as a senior agent building my expertise in the local market. The promotion helped fuel my career, and I enjoyed working with hundreds of customers. However, I was looking to be a part of something I could help build from the ground up, with a strong mission. From there, I decided to join Reali for two reasons: 

The opportunity to help build and scale a customer-first company. 

What we are offering customers is something that no one else in the industry can compete with —Reali Trade-In and Reali Cash Offer.  Reali Trade-In helps a seller purchase a new home before a current home is sold. It allows sellers to “buy before you sell” and eliminates the tedious and expensive process of managing two transactions at once. For the buyer, Reali Cash Offer provides the customer with a 100 percent cash offer on a home, allowing the homebuyer to make a stronger offer, to ultimately get the home they want, in hyper-competitive environments where buyers are up against multiple, non-contingent and many times all-cash bidding wars. 

A smart, dedicated team of real estate and technology professionals. 

In addition to the company’s customer-first approach, the people at Reali and its culture had me hooked immediately. It is what working at a startup should be. The team is intelligent, collaborative and dedicated to solving for our mission as one.

There is also a wonderful group of real estate agents at Reali from companies like Zillow, Flyhomes, Redfin, Intero, Coldwell Banker and others who have many years of experience helping people buy, sell, negotiate, and close deals at the best price. The technology, marketing, and customer success teams in San Mateo, California are incredibly intelligent and up on the latest industry news, bringing a depth of tech perspective that I haven’t experienced before to problem-solving for today’s real estate customers. 

Southern California agent training, here I am all the way on the right.

What gets me excited about Reali

“Reali has the systems in place to guide customers, but also has the tech in place to benefit the agents at every step.” 

When I tell people I joined Reali, some of them say “they’re not a full-service real estate company.” But we are. Reali has a strong culture and everyone has the same long-term vision. There isn’t a disconnect between the leadership team and the agents on the ground. For a remote member of the team, being in sync is key and I appreciate how dedicated Reali is to fostering a collaborative work environment. 

Reali owns the end-to-end transaction 

Reali services all parts of the real estate transaction from beginning to end, which creates a much better experience for home buyers and sellers. It saves time, money, and reduces stress because it brings transparency to the entire home buying process. The customer works with just one contact when getting a mortgage, buying or selling a home and managing escrow. This streamlined approach shaves thousands of dollars off the transaction and shortens the transaction timeline. 

Reali Agents can focus on real estate 

Reali has a back office team to focus on all the non-customer facing tasks. This allows the real estate agents at Reali to focus on what’s most important — the customer needs. Research shows that 89% of a real estate agent’s time is spent on non-customer facing tasks like paperwork, marketing, and more. Reali believes agents should focus on building out home buying and selling strategies and negotiate on behalf of the customer. Our back office and transaction coordination teams jump in to handle the transactional and closing paperwork. 

Reali has the highest customer rebate in the industry 

Giving money back to the customer at the end of a real estate transaction feels right. Reali has one of the highest rebates in the industry. While Redfin was looking for ways to scale back the refund, Reali is transparent about what a home buyer will get when they purchase a home with Reali. That combined with the savings for sellers is a business model that feels right and resonated with me from day one. 

Join us! 

If you’d like to learn more about Reali, there are a few things you can do: 

  • Check out all open roles here. We have more than 20 positions open across the company and are hiring across all of Reali’s geographies in the US and Israel.
  • Feel free to follow Reali on LinkedIn to stay up on the latest.
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