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Your dream home is just a Reali Cash Offer away.

It's no secret: sellers love cash offers and will take them over traditional mortgage-backed offers 9 times out of 10. Reali turns you into a cash buyer and gives you the edge you need to increase your chances of winning the home you love.

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Let Reali be the rich uncle you never had.

As of 2022, about one-third of homes in California are paid for in cash. Don’t have a briefcase full of money? Reali Cash Offer helps everyday buyers like you become all cash buyers.

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Call the shots with an all-cash offer. We’ll be right beside you.

Don’t settle for the wrong home at the wrong price. Combined with the expertise of your local Reali Agent, Cash Offer means you can shop for the right home with confidence, and can skip the common headaches and hassles.

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Skip the bidding wars and avoid multiple contingencies.

Going way above the asking price isn't the only way to win a home. Cash money can move mountains, too. Use our cash and cut to the front of the line. No appraisals and no major contingencies mean a simpler, faster transaction.

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Buy with Cash and Move in Fast

At Reali, we found ways to outsmart traditional real estate. Avoid unnecesseary risk, minimize contingencies, shop with the power of cash, and let us handle everything in between.



Increased Odds of Offer Acceptance with Cash

Avoid offer rejection. Cash offers can increase your odds of winning your dream home by 3X.*


Days to Close with Reali Cash Offer

60 day closing? Not with Reali. Forget all the hassle and close on your dream home faster.


Amount Below Ask a Cash Offer Can Close

Unlock the power of our cash and win your dream home without paying over ask.*


Trusted agents. Personal service. Smarter tools. This is real estate that works for you.

Finding a top real estate agent in 2022 is easy. But finding a trusted community of real estate experts backed by smarter financing tools to unlock the power of your investment is another story. Here are a few of the ways Reali is better than your traditional agent.

The Easy Way:
Reali Cash Offer

The Hard Way:
Traditional Real Estate

Buying Process

Buy with a Reali-backed, all-cash offer

Get outbid by other buyers’ cash offers and try again

Application Process

Completely online.

Half online, half off

Time to Close

As fast as 10 days.

45 days on average

Support Model

Dedicated Local Agent & Cash Offer Specialist

Support what now?

Winning the Deal

Boost your odds of winning the deal 3X with a contingency-free offer*

Hope your financing contingency doesn’t kill the deal


Have questions? We’ve got answers.

Browse our FAQs for all the answers to common questions about Reali Cash Offer.

What is Reali Cash Offer and why is it better?

With the Reali Cash Offer, we’ll front you the cash to place an all-cash offer on the home you want. Using cash makes your offer much more competitive and appealing to sellers as it eliminates the finance, home sale, and appraisal contingencies. Oftentimes, buyers who use cash close the sale below the asking price.

What are the fees associated with Reali Cash Offer?

To enable you to become a cash buyer and remove the finance, home sale, and appraisal contingencies, we charge a program fee. Our standard fee for this program is 0.5% of the purchase price, however, if you choose Reali Loans to finance your home, you’ll receive a 0.5% credit at closing. Combining these two services will bring your program fee down to zero. That’s right, zero!

While there is no additional fee for the Reali Cash Offer program when you finance your mortgage with Reali Loans, you will be required to pay rent until you purchase your home back from us. Buyers are also required to pay standard transfer and closing costs.

How should I determine my budget for buying a house?

Buying a home will likely be your biggest purchase, so it’s best to first find out how much you can afford. Our Reali Loans team will work with you to determine your budget based on monthly income, outstanding debts, down payment amount, and the types of loans you qualify for.

Can I buy a home that's not listed by Reali?

Yes! You can work with Reali to purchase any property available and listed on MLS. You can use the Reali app, even if we are not listing the home you want to purchase. Create an account and start exploring today!

Who will be my Reali Agent?

Great question! All Reali agents are assigned to local regions where they hold specific home sales and market expertise. They are committed to providing an honest and transparent home buying and selling experience. Enter your zip code or city on our Find An Agent page to meet your local Reali Agent.

Will my Reali Agent accompany me to look at homes?

Yes! Your local agent will meet you at your scheduled listing visits.

What other resources are available?

We’re glad you asked! Our site blog has a library of content dedicated to the business of home buying, selling, and borrowing. Explore real estate and housing news, topics, and current trends. If you’re selling, learn which repairs and improvements have a high ROI. If you’re buying, be sure to brush up on contract terminology. Pop Quiz: What’s an earnest money deposit?

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Beyond Reali Cash Offer

There’s a lot more to Reali than just the power of Cash Offer. Explore additional products and services for home buyers and sellers of all shapes and sizes.

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Great rates. Superior service. Speedy funding.

Finding a lender for mortgages, but finding a company with low interest rates and no hidden fees is another story. We must be doing something right because we made the list of Forbes Best Mortgage Lenders 2021. Get a home loan with Reali today.

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Your buy and sell journey in the palm of your hand.

Navigating the home buying and selling experience used to be complicated and painful. With the Reali App, you can browse homes, share favorites, request information, take 3D tours, chat with agents, and even make offers. Discover for yourself.

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Find the best path home.

No matter where you’re headed in 2022, we’re here to help get you there. And if Reali Cash Offer doesn’t work for you, ask a Reali pro about our other buying and selling options. Submit the form below and a Reali expert will reach out to talk about your needs.

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