It Just Doesn't Add Up

This is the growing amount of cash Bay Area Buyers and Sellers have wasted in 2018 due to high commissions, and by not working with Reali.

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Real Estate Done Right
Reali is changing this in two ways: Sellers listing with Reali pay a flat seller fee instead of the typical 5-6%. And, Buyers get a full refund of the Buyer's agent commission, typically 2-3%, at close of escrow. Both of these scenarios put tens of thousands of dollars back into the hands of Buyers and Sellers. On a $1,000,000 home, that's $40,100 in combined savings. Based on Bay Area home sales in 2018 alone, roughly $6,000,000 per day has gone to agents, instead of back to consumers if they had been working with Reali. That's literally a boat load of money...enough to fill an ocean liner.

Here's how all that money could have been put to better use for the entire Bay Area community:

A big infusion of cash could help our region in many ways. Infrastructure, entertainment, philanthropy and more.
2 sparkling new
BART cars on the rails
30 miles re-paved on
a 6-lane freeway
2 years of funding for a
major Bay Area food bank
3 years of funding for the National
Corporation for Public Broadcasting

How the extra cash saved on your home could impact you:

Your Home 1200000

Enter Your Buying or Selling Price and See the Combined Savings Add Up

$100,000 $8,000,000

Your Combined Savings $52100
There's always something you'd love to do with extra cash. Go shopping, take a trip, give back. With the money you'll save buying or selling your home with Reali, here are just some of the possibilities:
347 weeks of groceries for
your family
10420 meals charitably given to
families and individuals in need
1 years of tuition to a University
of California campus
4 weeks trip to Europe
for four people

Stop the madness! Call 1-844-447-3254 or email us when you're ready to buy or sell a home.

Your wallet, and your community, will thank you.