4 Renovations that Increase the Value of Your Home

October 15, 2019 | 4 Minute read

Sellers who are marketing their home are always looking out for ways to increase their property’s listing price. Today’s real estate shoppers are looking for homes that meet their needs and cultivate the lifestyle they desire, so it’s important for sellers to keep current with all the latest design trends.

While this isn’t always easy to do, the good news is that the value of a home can be immensely raised by making a few simple changes. Renovations have the power to elevate your property’s price point, helping sellers increase the deal’s profitability.

Although it does add to the out of pocket expenses, changes both big and small can make the world of a difference. Let’s explore these 4 renovations that increase a home’s value.

The Power of Paint

It may not sound like much, but paint is a home seller’s most powerful tool. Compared to other renovations, painting is not only quick and easy but also unbelievably cost-effective. Painting can be done by yourself, with friends and family, or by hired professionals.

Evaluate the interior and exterior of your home and find the places that need a fresh coat of paint. Note any drab, peeling, stained, or damaged areas – or, paint everything! This will be a total makeover for your home and is sure to catch the eyes of your prospective buyers.

Since you’re trying to sell the house, it’s better to stick on the safe side of the color spectrum. It’s best to opt for clean and light colors that are neutral and comforting. Lighter tones help to open up a space and make it appear larger, while darker hues will shrink a space and confine a room.

Soft colors are also easy for buyers to paint over if they’re looking to customize a room to their specific style. All in all, light paint can do wonders for your price point.

Spruce Up the Landscaping

First impressions mean a lot, so don’t miss out on the chance to make a great one. The first area that shoppers will interact with will be the outside of a home, so it’s imperative to make it sparkle.

However, sellers don’t need to go overboard with expensive gardening projects. A little cleaning up and pruning can make a huge difference, helping to make it a welcoming atmosphere that will make buyers instantly feel right at home.

Upgrade Appliances

Appliances can be a major advertising point for a home. Shoppers are attracted to efficient new appliances that are up to date, sleek, and top of the line. Enhancing your property’s set of appliances is one of the quickest, easiest, and stress-free ways to increase the selling value of a home. Since your future buyer will be using these as apart of everyday life, putting special care into this area pays off.

Appliances to consider upgrading are washing machines, dryers, stoves, dishwashers, and refrigerators. When shopping for replacements, look for energy-efficient models that will save the new homeowner money on their utilities.

However, it doesn’t stop there. Sellers can also replace any older or used elements such as faucets, showerheads, light fixtures, electrical outlets, and even doorknobs. The small details can also speak volumes and will be noticed by buyers’ keen eyes.

Focus on the Kitchen

If you’re looking to do a big renovation that truly packs a punch, head into the kitchen. The kitchen stands as a home’s focal point since it hosts so much activity. Cooking, cleaning, chatting and entertaining all happen here, so shoppers love a swoon-worthy kitchen. Not only that, this room is usually one of the first areas that potential buyers see, meaning that it plays a key role in their overall opinion of the property.

Kitchens can be some of the biggest and most important renovations that a seller can do, and they have the power to dramatically enhance the price of your listing. A serious remodel will include a new décor scheme, replacing all appliances, and upgrading the room’s hardware.

Sellers who are not looking to do a full-scale remodel can still benefit from upgrading the kitchen’s most functional workspaces. Make sure that the layout is harmonious, easy to navigate, spacious, and comfortable.

These renovations will help sellers attract more buyers and boost their home’s value.

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