How Buying a Home with Reali Compares to Buying with a Traditional Agent

December 13, 2019


Our goal when forming Reali was to blend the best in real estate and technology know-how to develop premium solutions and services for our customers.

We aren’t just real estate agents who dabble in technology, or visa-versa. We are real estate experts and proven technologists working together to unveil a new paradigm for today’s Buyers and Sellers. Our mission is to create an end-to-end transaction platform that addresses every need of our customers through their entire homeownership journey.

The Benefits of Working with Reali

Reali buyers get everything a traditional agent offers and more, including a dedicated Reali Agent with local expertise. Buyers can also choose to work with our mortgage and escrow teams, to buy a home with cash through Reali Cash Offer, or even sell with Reali Buy Before You Sell, a program that allows you to purchase a new home before your current home is sold.

All this, plus on-demand customer support via chat and end-to-end visibility and transparency in our app, helps to set Reali apart when deciding who to work with when buying a home. First time home buyers and sellers are more cautious, but report appreciating the transparency, extra support, and education that our team lends to the home buying or selling process.

How is working with Reali different from working with a traditional agent? Here are some of the key differences.

Home buying without all the pressure

Whether you’re just getting started in your home search or you’ve already been through the home buying ringer, Reali has your back. You’ll work with a local dedicated Reali Agent, just like a traditional real estate agent. All of our agents are experts in the areas they serve. They’ll support you through the entire process, from search to negotiations, throughout the paperwork process and close. But the differences don’t stop there. We also offer so much more:

The Reali App.

Our innovative app for iOS and Android provides a singular place for all of your home buying needs. Use the app to connect with your Reali Agent and our team of professionals, find the home that’s right for you, schedule visits and viewings, place an offer, and more.


More than one way to buy a home

We also have a whole team that stands behind Reali, working closely with our agents to build out innovative products and services — all designed to provide you with the best experience possible. As we build out our end-to-end transaction platform to make real estate simple, stress-free, and affordable, these innovative products are what traditional real estate agents can’t offer.

Reali Cash Offer

Use Reali’s cash to buy your next home like a pro. Reali Cash Offer gives you a competitive edge in the real estate market, by increasing your chances of winning the home you want — and at a lower price.

Reali Buy Before You Sell

With Reali Buy Before You Sell, you can use our cash to buy even before you sell. Reali Trade-In makes it easier and more convenient for you to purchase your new home before your current home is sold.

Reali Loans

Reali Loans are online home loans done honestly and efficiently. We keep you informed through each step of the process, so you never feel out of the loop. We also offer concierge service and a paperless process with fast turnaround times.

Less stress plus big savings

Our goal is to take the stress out of real estate by streamlining products and services to help you save money. You shouldn’t have to work with a host of different entities just to buy a home. According to the National Association of Realtors, nearly 90 percent of a traditional agent’s time is spent on non-customer facing activities.

We want to change that — and at Reali, we are. We’re not just making real estate less stressful for buyers, but also for our agents, allowing them to focus on their clients, rather than finding their next lead or handling all of the administrative paperwork.

Ready to jump in, or just want to test the waters?

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