How to Use the Reali App

December 12, 2019 | 5 Minute read

Our customers regularly tell us how much they love the transparency that we bring to the home buying and selling process, making the entire process less stressful.

At Reali, we don’t just have a team of licensed, local agents to help you buy or sell a home, we have an app to make it as convenient as possible. And customers love it. In fact, nearly 30 percent of Reali customers choose to work with us because of the convenience of our mobile app. Our product team is working hard to deliver a best-in-class experience as we continue to break down one of the most stressful events in modern life: buying a home.

The Reali app provides new tools and features that go beyond a basic search or claiming of a home to help users really understand where they are in their home buying and selling journey at a quick glance, and also to see what is needed to move on to the next step.

Key features of the Reali app

Home Buyers

End to end journey. With this feature, buyers can quickly and easily see exactly where they are in the home buying or selling process, as well as what is coming up. Simply put, you are guided through every step of the transaction by your Reali team — right through the app.

Improved search and discovery tools. You can also search and save your favorite homes, book on-demand tours, and get free property reports. The new app can even help you get to your listing appointments.

To get turn by turn directions, simply click on your Schedule through your Dashboard, then click on a confirmed visit. Here, you’ll be able to access a map for the home, get directions, add the appointment to your personal calendar, or reschedule the visit. You can also add an open house directly to your personal calendar.

Control center. As a buyer, you can quickly access everything they need to request visits, find documents, and communicate with your Reali team.

PricePredictor. Our proprietary PricePredictor technology is the key to helping you win your dream home. The PricePredictor gives you even more insight and buying power to predict the most competitive offer on a home — with an impressive 97 percent precision.

Offer management. With all offers in one place, you can manage offers from drafts through won status, and get live updates throughout the entire process.

Expert support. With more than 60 percent of users preferring chat to other communication channels, our chat feature allows you to connect with your team. Of course, you can also reach your team via in-person meetings, by phone, or by email 7 days a week.

Additional features for Buyers 

There are a number of other fun features to explore in the Reali app.

View schools and neighborhoods. You can check out school grades and ratings directly through the app. Click on a home to see more details on nearby schools.

Search for homes through the map. Now, you can browse homes with a brand new and redesigned map view. Find listings by your current location, search for multiple cities at once, and swipe through photos — all without ever leaving the map.

Share listings like a pro. With the new Reali app, you can easily share a home that you like. Simply copy the link to a listing, and then you can text it, email it, and more! Your recipients will get a link to the listing and also be able to see key details about the home, including price, address, and key features of the home.

View home valuations on your desktop or on the go. Home valuations requested via the app can now be viewed in your email on your desktop or mobile phone browser, or directly in the Reali app under your dashboard.

App Features for Sellers 

Sellers Journey. Sellers get complete visibility into the home selling process to see where they are and get real-time alerts.

In-App Chat. In-app chat gives Sellers access to their dedicated, local real estate agent and support team as they move along the process from evaluation through close. 

Home Valuation. Sellers can easily request a home valuation to find out what their home is worth, understand the potential selling price and local market in as little as 24 hours.

Listing Presentation. Request a listing presentation from a local, licensed agent and learn more about their track record right in the app. 

Reali Trade-In. Reali Trade-In makes it easier and more convenient for a Seller to purchase their new home before their current home is sold. Now, Reali Seller’s have the ability to switch between Buying and Selling, allowing them to manage both transactions at the same time.

More Than Just an App

The new Reali app is more than just an app — think of it as an entire team dedicated to helping you buy and sell your next home. You will work with our local licensed agents who will help you create your home buying and listing strategy. It’s a pressure-free experience from start to finish. In addition to the app, here’s what you’ll get when you work with our team:

Local real estate agents. Our licensed real estate agents work on salary, ensuring that you get a full-service, pressure-free real estate experience.

State of the art technology. We are powered by technology that enables our real estate agents to deliver superior service — at a lower cost.

Have questions for our team or want more details about how the app works?

Let us know — we’re here to help!

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