8 Ways to Know if a House is Right for You

May 29, 2020 | 7 Minute read

house is right for you

The process of searching for your new home can be both exciting and terrifying at the same time. How do you know the neighborhood that’s right for your family? What if problems arise in the home that you can’t afford to fix? And how do you decide if you find more than one home that you love? 

You need to feel secure in knowing that you’ve found the right house for you. Think about it: can you imagine a worse feeling than feeling stuck after buying the wrong house? There isn’t exactly a free return policy on new houses, after all. 

Is this house right for you? 

If you’re in the market for a new home, you’ve probably looked around at many houses and seen several that could “almost” or “sort of” work for you. But buying a house is a major commitment — so you want to get it right. You need to know that you won’t regret your decision over time and end up in a house you resent. With that in mind, here are 8 ways to know that you’ve found the house that is right for you. 

#1. You can picture your life there

When you find the right house, it’s easy to imagine what your life will be like there as you walk through each room. You begin to picture where you’ll put your existing furniture and start to get new ideas for decorating. Nothing is quite the same as your current house, and yet something about it feels familiar. 

You will likely also notice that every room in the house has a comfortable feeling. While it can sometimes feel intrusive to walk through the private spaces of someone else’s home, when you find the right home, many buyers report feeling as if the home is already theirs. If you’re checking out houses and get this feeling, you may have found the home that’s meant for you. 

#2. The house is affordable 

One of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a house is whether or not you can afford it. When buying a house, you may have to stretch your budget a bit in order to get your dream house — but if you take a closer look at your budget and realize you’ll need to skip some meals to make your mortgage payment, the house really isn’t the right one for you. 

After all, your home should be your true comfort zone and not the source of any sort of dread, especially making your mortgage payment. If the list price and projected monthly payment of the home you’re looking at doesn’t leave you with an unsettling feeling in your stomach, take that as a good sign. This house might just be “the one.”

#3. You get excited when you walk into the home

We hear from a number of homeowners that they knew that their home was the right one for them from the first moments they stepped inside. Pay attention as you’re looking at homes. When you first walk into a new home, how do you feel? Do you instantly feel a connection to the home, even if you may not be able to fully explain why? When you find yourself noticing this type of feeling, you may be on the right track to finding your new home. 

#4. You don’t want to look at any other homes

When you began your search for a new home, you probably realized that there are many homes on the market that fit within your budget and check off most of the boxes on your list. What you may be surprised to find out, however, is that once you find the home that’s right for you, you probably won’t be swayed by new homes as they hit the market. In fact, you may even realize that these homes don’t even hold your attention anymore. That’s because once you have found the right home, all you can think about is making that house your new home. If you find that the initial thrill of the chase is over in your home search, the chances are good that you’ve already found the home that’s meant for you. 

#5. The house checks off your “must-have” boxes

It comes as no surprise that the perfect home for you will be one that checks off all of the boxes for your wants and needs. Of course, no two people’s list will be exactly the same, but we’ve noticed that many include some of the most popular features: 

  • Convenient location that is close to work 
  • Enough bedrooms for the entire family
  • An extra bathroom for guests
  • A luxury pool in the backyard
  • A large chef’s kitchen
  • A home theater room 

Keep in mind, though, that it will likely be nearly impossible to get everything on your list as you’re house hunting. But if the home you’re looking at doesn’t at least check off all of your “must-have” boxes (think: enough space, convenient location, etc), it’s probably a good idea to continue your home search. 

#6. Your intuition is giving you a little push

In the end, once you’ve looked at all of the numbers and double-checked your lists, it’s going to come down to your instincts and intuition. Listen to your gut — is it telling you anything? Are you dreaming about one home in particular, or are you having nightmares? Are you emotionally attached to one home in particular, and keep going back to the same one? 

Choosing the right home for your family is about so much more than just money. To an extent, this is an emotional purchase — so trust your intuition. 

#7. It becomes the standard by which other houses are measured

Whether it’s the first home you’ve seen or the 50th, this can be a great way to tell when a house is meant for you. Maybe you liked the home when you first saw it, but you still wanted to see what else was out there. But what if you then find yourself referring to one particular home over and over, and comparing every other house to that one? Suddenly, other houses just don’t seem as nice. The light isn’t as good, or the layout doesn’t make as much sense. If you find this happening, even if it’s the first home you saw, it may actually be “the one.”

#8. It reminds you of other houses that you love

The things that truly make a house a home are small, but sometimes the biggest differences really are in the details. Maybe it’s the way the kitchen sink is just below a beautiful window overlooking the beautiful backyard. Or maybe it’s the big tree just outside the living room window that makes you feel like you’re in your childhood treehouse. 

These little details may not have been anywhere on your “must-have” list, but they can often be the difference between liking and loving a home. When you find a house that reminds you of a beloved home, it can be a sign that you’ve found the house that’s meant for you.

Finding the right house for you with Reali

If you’re in the market to buy a home, we’re standing by to help. At Reali, we are proud to offer a home buying process that you can trust. We help you find your perfect home at the best price, with the help of our experienced, local agents. Hear what our clients have to say about working with us and contact us when you’re ready to get started!

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