Selecting the Right Agent to Sell Your Home

February 15, 2020 | 3 Minute read

When it’s time to sell your home, one of the first — and one of the most important — decisions that you’ll make is selecting the real estate agent you want to work with. As your agent, he or she will act as your representative through the sales process, helping you to navigate the transaction from start to finish and lending professional expertise. But how do you find an agent? And how do you know who the right agent is? 

Finding an agent

Your real estate agent should be highly engaged from start to finish in your sale. In the beginning stages, your seller’s agent will help you by making recommendations on ways that you can best prepare your house for sale. He or she will suggest minor upgrades or repairs, and discuss a staging strategy, if necessary. 

Before moving forward with your agent, you will want to gauge the experience and expertise of local agents. You want to work with someone who knows your market, inside and out. Consider hosting a listing presentation, which will allow you to talk about your home and interview prospective agents. 

Decide on a listing price 

Next, you and your agent will want to talk about pricing strategy and determine a listing price for your house. The listing price is easily the most important consideration in getting your house sold. If you set the wrong price, virtually nothing else that you or your agent does will matter. 

In fact, it has been said that setting the right listing price is 75 percent of the marketing of your home. And always make sure that your agent backs up their suggested price with data and research. 

Home prep

Your agent should help you through the home prep phase, making recommendations that will help to add value to your home. Consider hiring a staging professional to help your home really shine.


Next, your agent and his or her real estate company will get your home on the market and officially list it for sale. Additionally, they will take pictures, work on your marketing video, a website showcasing your home, and more. 

If there are any features of your home that you think are important or especially of note, make sure your agent knows about them and knows how to work it into the marketing materials and language. 

Escrow phase

In the escrow phase, your agent will work with both you and the buyer’s agent to help ensure a smooth closing process. Escrow begins when both you and your buyer have signed an agreement that governs the sale of your home and have also chosen an escrow or title agent who will act as an intermediary in helping to make the deal happen. 

As the seller, your most important tasks during the escrow phase are to make your home available when needed for inspections and appraisals, preparing various forms and statements, and meeting any other contingencies that you agreed to in your contract. 


Your agent should be adding value throughout the entire home sales process, including closing. Closing is when you, as the seller, and your buyer fulfill all of your agreements and obligations made in the sales contract. In its most literal sense, it is about the transfer of money and documents so that you can then transfer the ownership and possession of the house to the buyer, free and clear.

Reali has innovative products that can help you streamline selling your home, such as the Reali Trade-In program that allows you to purchase a new home before your current home is sold, and Reali Escrow, a low fee and transparent approach to escrow with our in-house team that makes the escrow process easy.

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