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Our experienced local agents use Reali’s advanced tech, streamlined processes and customzied marketing plans to get your home sold quickly, and for the best possible price.

The Best Return on
Your Investment

We don’t charge traditional agent commissions. Instead, we only take one low flat fee, saving you thousands of dollars. To date, the average Reali seller has saved $20,000!

Real Estate for a
More Civilized Age

We’re not just throwing darts at a board here. At Reali, we use data, analytics and buyer feedback to create an intelligent marketing and sales strategy for your home.

Selling your old home while looking for a new one?

We can help! Reali Trade-In takes the hassle out of home buying and sellling. Even better, it’s sure to save you money.

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This is how we do it

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Team of experts working for you

An experienced team of licensed agents and project managers work to sell your home.

IdeaStaging Technology

We’ll virtually stage your home in a variety of styles, allowing buyers to visualize themselves in your home, increasing the chance of them placing an offer.

Customized Website

A website is made just for your home to feature its unique specifications, a personalized listing video, and your home’s IdeaStaging images.

Listing on the Reali App

Your home won’t only be listed on the MLS and other typical online search platforms. Your home is given a special place in the Reali app, increasing its visibility and appeal with buyers.

Social Media + Digital Ads

Each Reali listing is promoted using customized and targeted marketing tools via website, social media, and other digital ad platforms.

Homes Sold by Reali

1216 Vancouver Ave Burlingame, CA 94010

4 Bed

3.5 bath

2,908 Sqft.

70 Goose Haven Court Sacramento, CA 95834

4 Bed

3 bath

2,150 Sqft.

2189 N Albright Ave Upland, CA 91784

2 Bed

2.5 bath

1,084 Sqft.

Get more from your agent while saving thousands.

Step 1

Find an Agent

The reali way

Reali pairs you with a knowledgeable, local agent to take you through your entire home selling journey.

The old way

Put out feelers and see if you can find an agent that someone you know recommends.

Step 2

Home Preparation

The reali way

Your Reali agent helps you prepare your home for listing, making sure it’s presented with maximum potential to appeal to perspective buyers.

The old way

Since there isn’t an industry standard of quality, you’ll just have to cross your fingers that your agent has an eye for this kind of thing.

Step 3

And…We’re Live!

The reali way

Your home is listed on the standard MLS and other online search platforms like Trulia and Zillow, PLUS our Reali App and its very own personalized web page.

The old way

Your home is listed on the MLS, Trulia and Zillow and the occasional magazine.

Step 4

Seller Analytics

The reali way

We’ll show you how your home is performing with prospective buyers. This tells us what we can do to optimize your listing.

The old way

Seller what?

Step 5


The reali way

Reali only charges one flat transaction fee. To date, our sellers have saved an average of $20,000! Selling your home with Reali means thousands of dollars kept in you pocket.

The old way

You’ll pay 2-3% of your home’s lisiting price to your agent. On an $800,000 home, that’s up to $24,000 out of your pocket and straight into theirs.

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Calculations include the deduction of our low flat fee.
Learn more about our flat fee structure.

Listen to what other sellers have to say.

Rick V.

“I got more than I ever expected, more than I ever imagined. But I was so impressed with the amount of work and diligence and effort they put into selling this house, that I’d recommend Reali to anybody.”

Elsa S.

“The caliber of their thinking, the depth of their sophistication of how to sell to a buyer, and how to optimize today’s technology is a sophisticated package that I haven’t seen anywhere else.”

Juliana B.

“With Reali we got everything we wanted out of a realtor, but we got a team of people and a better price. We were thrilled!”

Mike and Sandy D.

“Your insight, professionalism, warmth and commitment enabled us to sell our house quickly, at a fair price, with no problems.”


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